Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Clair de Lune [Debussy]

I know, I know, I am the worst person in the world. Right now my life is far too hectic - I just haven't got the time to sit at the piano.

That kind of sounds like "I haven't got the time to breathe" to a part of me, but I really don't. There is too much going on at Casa Caela for such indulgences...

So here's one I prepared earlier - yes, I am turning into Janet Ellis - a not very polished recording of Claude Debussy's Clair de Lune. I used to dislike this piece greatly, which begs the question, "why do I bother with it?" - but it has grown on me.

Good music, shame about the pianist...

(Ellie is working towards a school concert at the end of May and I hope to sneak a few recordings from her. She's doing two Bach and a Beethoven.)



marilen said...

i stumbled upon your music in iTunes and i might say you play wonderfully. I play your music almost the whole day so my daughter can hear it too. I have been playing it for weeks now when i am at home. Thank you for sharing your passion for music. hope to hear more music from you. thank you again :)

kathy said...

i stumbled onto your music on itunes this year while looking for clair de lune. The music you play is really beautiful. I listen to your 10 pieces very often and they brighten my day. so I thought I should let you know. thank you

Marcie Jost said...

Dear Caela Harrsion.
I'm really happy to finally found you online.
I'm Marcie Jost, executive producer with an urgent request. For our cinema documentary "Sandm├Ądchen" (Sand Girl)
we would love to use parts from your playing of "Claire de Lune".
It's one of our protagonist favourite peace of music and we would use it for a scene within the film and for the final credits.
We are nearly before finishing the film, so my request is a bit urgent, sorry for finding you so late.
The film will have mainly a non-commercial purpose, but I would love to get also your permission for potential commercial purposes.
Of course I'm happy to answer all your questions and I hope you find the time to answer very soon. We would put your name in the credits like this
"Music: Claude Debussy "Clair de Lune" performed by Caela Harrison
if that's ok.
Greetings and wishes from Germany, Marcie