Friday, 15 August 2008

Consolation number 4 [Bortkiewicz]

Thanks to my dearest darlings Rory and Trevor (always happy to indulge a pianist), I am rewiring this blog as PIANO BLOG ONLY. Non-pianists are more than welcome, of course, but aside from the occasional Ellie piece, you may find it deathly boring. If you like the piano and / or classical music, well it's not deathly boring at all!

Rory, my self-styled music man, is trying to persuade iTunes to stock my album. Until then, I will attempt to leave you with my podcast - yes, I have a podcast now - and cry to Trev if it doesn't work...

If it does work, it's Bortkiewicz's consolation number 4 in D flat.

Click here to download.

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