Friday, 17 October 2008

Autumn Song - October [Tchaikovsky]

Apologies; it has taken me two months to update my podcast, instead of the two weeks I had intended. I have probably forgotten how to do this - my list of instructions from Rory and Trevor is very dog-eared and some points which were clear as day back in August are now confusing. Who knows if I can get this to work?!

Anyway, this is a piece of Tchaikovsky's Seasons: October (the Autumn song). It is my favourite of all of Tchaikovsky's work aside from his ballets, and I really enjoy playing it.

I have renewed intentions to update twice a month, but have a few pressing musical engagements. I am leading the SAC end of term concert, which will be bursting with pianoness and numerous very talented students at the school, and am playing at two other Christmas concerts. One is a private affair, the other is on sale now :)

Anyway, enjoy October!

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